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Why Choose
Care Trak, Inc.

DEPENDABLE, SIMPLE, COST-EFFECTIVE, and most of all, it Saves lives.

When it comes to people tracking, having effective, accurate technology at your agency’s disposal is vital. Care Trak’s telemetry-based people tracking is dependable, simple, and cost-effective, aiding in thousands of successful rescues of people at risk, such as those with Alzheimer’s disease, Autism, and other special needs. We invented at-risk people tracking in 1986, providing you with the advantage of our experience.

To learn more about our telemetry-based tracking systems, or to discuss your agency’s needs, Call Us Today.

Law Enforcement using Care Trak equipment


  • 43 tracking frequencies authorized by the FCC
  • U.S. company, not imported
  • We are the manufacturer, not a distributor; equipment is built and shipped to you within days
  • Professional training by law enforcement officers, and certificates issued; free refresher or upgrade training available (call for details)
  • Replaceable transmitter capsule
  • 7-year parts and labor “No Hassle” warranty


  • Requires only 2 officers to successfully locate someone
  • Care Trak has everything you need – equipment, supplies and training
  • Home Systems are 100% compatible with Law Enforcement Systems
  • User-friendly technology, and the tracking signal goes through most walls and structures
  • No contracts or agreements to sign

Cost Effective

  • Costs as low as $4.10 per person for clients
  • Low cost or even FREE for seniors & families on fixed incomes
  • Factory direct pricing on equipment and supplies
  • Free loaner equipment if necessary
  • Saves agencies thousands of dollars in search costs
  • Your money and program control stays local, and any donations can be sent directly to Care Trak in your agency’s name
  • Two-month transmitter battery life – only six battery changes needed per year
  • Most systems paid for by a local civic club – ask us how

Save Lives

  • Care Trak has been responsible for thousands of successful rescues
  • Wanderers with Alzheimer’s are found within minutes rather than hours or days
  • Average rescue times are under 30 minutes
  • ONLY for use in tracking individuals with Alzheimer’s or special needs kids
  • 216 Mhz available with special pulse rate