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Law Enforcement using Care Trak tracking equipment

Our goal is to
Save Lives.

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Care Trak created telemetry-based tracking for people at risk. Since 1986, our equipment has located thousands of Alzheimer’s wanderers and children with special needs such as Autism, Down syndrome, and other conditions, and brought them home safely. We work directly with law enforcement agencies, NURSING HOMES, VETERANS AFFAIRS (VA), and caregivers, providing reliable equipment that not only will give peace of mind, but help avoid losing time when it matters most.

At Care Trak, our team will take the time to talk with you honestly and openly, learning more about your unique needs to ensure you get exactly what’s right for your family or organization.

Made in the USA

43 Tracking Frequencies

7-year warranty

One-stop shop

User-friendly Technology

Custom program names

International Enquiries Accepted

Factory direct prices

Quick, no hassle service

2-month transmitter


Care Trak systems save lives, save time, and save money. When using our telemetry-based tracking, the average location time is under 30 minutes. Equipment can be used day or night, inside or outside. Because we are a U.S. company and the manufacturer, you get a reliable product with no middleman and no contracts to sign. Help Alzheimer’s wanderers and the special needs people in your community, and be prepared with the best people-tracking technology.

Caregiver with kid wearing a Care Trak


If you are caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease, Autism, or other condition, you constantly worry that the person will wander or bolt and run. We understand these fears, which is exactly why we developed our equipment – to help families. Care Trak Home Systems provide peace of mind, whether alerting you right away if the person leaves a specified area with our Perimeter System, or providing easy tracking for a quick return to safety with our Mobile Locator and Wrist Transmitter.

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