Why Choose Us

Dependable, Simple, Cost Effective, Most of All, it Saves Lives!


Care Trak created the people tracking system in 1986
Care Trak has 42 tracking frequencies authorized by the FCC
Used by hundreds of agencies with thousands of rescues
A true Community-Policing Program
Free refresher or upgrade training*
Care Trak is a U.S. Company, not an import
Care Trak is the manufacturer, not a distributor
No need to stockpile equipment, Care Trak builds and ships within days
Professional training by law enforcement officers and certificates issued
*7-Year Parts and Labor warranty


Requires only 2 officers to locate someone
Proven simple user-friendly technology
Care Trak is a one-stop shop for equipment, supplies and training
You pick your own program name or simply use Care Trak
Tracking Signal Goes Through Most Walls & Structures.
Our Home Systems are 100% compatible with our Law Enforcement systems

Cost Effective

A cost effective program as low as $3.29 per person
Low cost or even FREE to seniors and families on fixed incomes
Factory direct prices on equipment and supplies
Quick no hassle service. Free loaner equipment if necessary
Saves thousands of dollars in search costs
Any donations can be sent directly to Care Trak in your agencies name
Your Money and program control stays local
Most systems paid for by a local civic club...ask us how
Two-month transmitter battery saves time and money

Save Lives

There have been thousands of successful rescues with Care Trak
Wanderers are found within minutes rather than hours or days
Positive outcomes with average rescue times under 30 minutes
Supported by senior citizens and parents of special needs kids
Care Trak ONLY Tracks Alzheimer loved ones and Special Needs Kids
No 216 MHz animal frequency transmitters on people

Care Trak Serving Law Enforcement Agencies
Since 1986