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Picture this: You are talking on the phone when you notice your loved one is not in the room. You call out and there is no response, you call again, and still no response. You quickly hang up the phone and start looking. The back door is wide open and they are nowhere in sight. The adrenaline starts pumping, your heart is pounding and panic sets in. The clock starts ticking and time now becomes your enemy. Finding your loved one as quickly as possible is your #1 priority.

This scenario is one which is all too common when dealing with a loved one with special needs. Whether it is Alzheimer, Autism, Down Syndrome, Prader-Willi Syndrome, Williams Syndrome, Soto Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, or some other condition that causes them to wander, it is every caregiver nightmare that someday they will vanish without a trace.

It is because of this nightmare that the Care Trak line of equipment has been developed. Dealing with an individual with special needs is trying enough in the best of times, but if our equipment were to help grant peace of mind to only one family it would be well worth the effort.

Thankfully, we have been able to do just that for numerous families. CARE TRAK equipment, in conjunction with local Law Enforcement, has been responsible for thousands of rescues nationwide. It is this kind of peace of mind that makes what we do worthwhile.

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Care Trak offers Two Options to families of special needs people: Home Systems and Police Systems.

1. Home System.

The best rescue is the one that never happens. That is why many parents of special needs kids and families of Alzheimer disease purchase The Care Trak Perimeter System.  An alarm goes off when your love ones leave the Perimetered area. It also has the Mobile Locater tracking unit to find your child up to a mile away.

2. Law Enforcement Agency System.

Our police systems have the ability to track hundreds of special needs kids or Alzheimer disease patients in a single community.  Each special needs person wears a one-ounce transmitter that has a specific frequency number unique to that person. If the person is missing, family members can call 911 and police respond with our Professional Series tracking unit.

*Care Trak ONLY Tracks Special Needs Kids. Our Systems are Not Available for Typical Kids.

The police system Only Tracks, it does not alert when a special needs person leaves the yard like the Home Perimeter System does.  The benefit is that both police and the parents can track the special needs person because Care Trak brand Home equipment and Police equipment are 100% compatible.

By far the best protection is when the local Police, Sheriff or other rescue agency has the Care Trak Professional Series tracking unit and the parents have a Care Trak Home System. However, not every family can afford the Home Perimeter System.  These families can still secure protection for their love ones by simply obtaining a transmitter for their love ones from the police.  In the event your loved one bolts and runs the police can track and bring the child back to safety.

Contact Care Trak for a FREE Complete Police Information Packet Including a short Police DVD.  This is the Information You Can Take to Your Sheriff or Police Department.