Law Enforcement System and Pricing

The Emergency Response Team $4,995.00 Packages Includes: 

  •  Two CTR 1000s Digital Tracking Receivers with Cigarette Lighter Adapter, Nylon CarryCase with Hands Free Neck Strap and 120V Charger. 
  •  Two 3-Element Folding Directional Yagi Hand Held Antennas with Nylon Carry Cases. 
  •  Two Wrist/Ankle Transmitters with, Batteries, Attaching Bands, Wrist Cases, Metal Case Keys and Separate Transmitter Testers. 
  •  One Set David Clark Professional Aircraft Headsets for Ground or Aircraft Use. 
  •  One Band Pass Filter for Aircraft Noise Reduction. 
  •  Two Vehicle Roof Top Magnetic Whip Omni Directional Antennas. 
  • Water Resistant Model CTR 1000WR Package Price is $5625.00   
  •  All Management Forms, Agency Paperwork. 

Complete 2 Day Training Session for up to 12 Officers.*

*Trainer expenses to your training site for Travel, Motel, Meals and Rental Car are extra and billed separately.

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