How It Works

How it Works: Telemetry Tracking


When the hand held directional antenna plugged into the receiver is in line with the transmitter worn by the person at risk, the radio-tracking signal comes in stronger and louder.  You simply follow the strong radio signal until you come up to the person. Remember playing Hot and Cold when you were a kid?  You are getting hotter when your get close and colder when you get further away. 


Telemetry is the preferred technology because it is highly accurate and will track within inches of the lost person, day or night, inside or outside. Telemetry is not only the most effective solution it is the least expensive. 


This is precisely why it is not the program name or the organization that you join that saves lives, but rather the quality of the equipment you use and training you receive.

Care Trak created telemetry based people tracking in 1986.  Our expertise comes from our parent company Wildlife Materials, Inc.  WMI has been making tracking equipment for locating for protecting, monitoring endangered species around the world for over 40 years. See About Us


Telemetry (radio waves) tracking is not rocket science. Over the last 60 years there have been only minor improvements in telemetry simply because it is limited by science and physics.  It is the nature of the beast. However, sometimes telemetry works much better and this is the case with Care Trak telemetry systems.

In a very short time your officers can learn how to track with our user-friendly equipment.  That being said, the key to a successful search is practice, practice and practice.  Did we mention you will need to practice?


Telemetry vs GPS/Cell


Global Positioning Systems (GPS) is great for tracking cars, cargo, over the road trucks, hikers, ships and even gives directions to a new restaurant. But GPS is potentially dangerous for locating at risk people with Alzheimer disease, Autism and other special needs. GPS is the new buzzword in technology.  Here is what you are not being told.


GPS and Cell Phone type systems depend on satellites that orbit the earth and in most cases require a direct line of sight to the GPS bracelet the person at risk wears.  As a general rule anything that blocks the sunlight, blocks a GPS tracking signal. GPS cannot track a person inside buildings such as homes, malls and schools.  Heavy foliage and heavily clouded skies block areas a person may wander into and become lost.  You cannot locate a person if that person is lying on top of the GPS tracking unit.


Some GPS companies have added Cell phone technology for better tracking. Cell phone systems depend on a multitude of towers to attempt to triangulate the location of the lost person. Neither GPS nor Cell comes even close to the accuracy of telemetry.


Even when GPS/Cell technology works perfectly you will only get in a general area of where your loved one might be because it is not very accurate. Telemetry will guide you within inches to the lost person. When your loved one is lost, time is your enemy.


The GPS/Cellular bracelet like a cell phone must be recharged every few days, which means the person at risk is unprotected while the unit is charging or customers must purchase two units, one to use while the other one is charging up.


In addition GPS /Cellular tracking is subjected to monthly monitoring fees starting at $30.00 that many low-income families, cash strapped parents and senior citizens on fixed incomes simply cannot afford.


GPS/Cellular bracelets are big, bulky and uncomfortable to wear on a wrist or ankle.  A tracking device placed anywhere other than the wrist or ankle can be removed easily or simply left behind leaving the at-risk person unprotected.


GPS/Cellular both have inherent infrastructure problems. Have you ever had a cell call dropped, no service available, or your computer unable to connect with a server?


When Your Loved One is Missing Time is Your Enemy


Care Trak Systems are telemetry based.  Telemetry is radio waves much like your local broadcast radio station sends a signal to your car or clock radio. Since the radio signal goes through most walls, you have the ability to locate your loved one in a building.  The telemetry signal goes through most objects and the sensitivity of Care Trak telemetry creates pinpoint accuracy. You can locate a lost person up to a mile day or night, inside or outside 24/7.


Care Trak cost is $3.29 per month/ $39.48 per year for a simple battery and attaching band change 6X per year. No satellites, No subscriptions, No computers, No software, No Memberships, No Rental Plans, No Annual Dues.  You buy it, you own it and you deal factory direct for service, supplies and support.


You can track your loved one 24/7 day or night, inside or outside. Thousands of Care Trak transmitters have been used for special needs children and dementia patients since 1986.


Care Trak Home Systems are 100% portable, user friendly and are 100% compatible with Care Trak law enforcement agency systems for twice the protection.


Care Trak Home Systems are professional grade and come with an industry first, 7-year parts and labor warranty. Unlike other systems Care Trak is only available to those with a medical need and not available to the general public or for typical kids.