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Care Trak offers a variety of products for use with those at risk...

Perimeter System

This unique system establishes an adjustable boundary anywhere it is set up at. The adjustable area set by the caregiver is from about 50ft to 300ft depending on weather and environmental conditions. As long as your loved one wearing a Care Trak transmitter is within the boundary, nothing will happen. If they leave and cross the invisible boundary an alarm will sound alerting the caregiver. The Perimeter System is 100% portable, sets up in minutes; there is no installation required and no buried wires. The unit will also run on AAA batteries for about 5 hours if no plug on the walls available.The average cost per month after equipment purchase is $3.29 for battery and band changes. Care Trak is telemetry based and not subject to the limitations of GPS/Cell systems. No software, No subscriptions, No Internet, No annual fees, No computers, No high monthly fees. You buy it and you own it. The Perimeter System is professionally  graded and used by hundreds of parents who have special needs kids and it comes with a 7-year parts and labor warranty. The Perimeter System is also 100% compatible with Care Trak brand law enforcement agency systems.

Mobile Locator

The Care Trak Mobile Locator tracking unit can find a lost person up to a mile away* day or night, inside or outside in minutes. The ultra sensitive tracking unit receives the radio signal pulsating from your loved ones wrist or ankle transmitter. The tracking unit utilizes a yagi hand held directional antenna.

When the antenna is in line with your loved ones transmitter the signal comes in stronger and louder. By moving the antenna to the right or left the signal fades. The Mobile Locater is 100% portable and is compatible with Care Trak Law Enforcement Systems. You can check with your local Police or Sheriff to see if they have Care Trak.

To locate you simply walk in the direction of the strongest signal until you walk up on the lost person. Since this technology goes through most walls, you can receive a radio signal in a building. This tracking unit is included with the above described Perimeter System. The Mobile Locator can also be purchased separately without the Perimeter feature.

*Depending on weather and other environmental conditions.

Wrist Transmitter

The Care Trak Wrist Transmitter is the core of any of the Care Trak tracking solutions. Whether you are using the Care Trak Perimeter System or the Care Trak Mobile Locator the wanderer must be wearing a transmitter in order to be tracked. When your local sheriff or search and rescue team has the equipment to locate the individual all you need is the Wrist Transmitter. In this case a police or rescue agency will do the actual tracking if your loved one becomes lost. The agency registers the frequency number of your loved ones transmitter and if your family member wanders off, you would call 911 to locate them. In addition to the wrist transmitter, you are provided with a transmitter tester and with a credit card you can automatically be sent a new battery and tamper-resistant band each month. Contact your local police department or email us to see if this is available in your area.


In an aquarium    Attaching bands

Our newest transmitter case is highly water resistant and much more durable.  If you are still using the old style case please contact us for a replacement.  Please note, this is the only case that has been tested and approved by us, the manufacturer of the Care Trak Transmitter. Use of any non-approved case may cause serious safety issues as well as void your warranty.